Are your Sub-Contractors Really Employees?

Hiring sub-contractors, also called 1099 contractors, independent contractors or even 1099 employees, can be beneficial to small businesses. These vendors can provide highly skilled services, can give your company flexibility in handling changes in work-flow, and there is the potential for cost savings over hiring an employee. However, it can also be quite detrimental if… Read More »

Do You Have a Team or Service Providers?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a small business owner with an employee or two or ten, you are working with at least a couple of outside business professionals in your business. None of us do it completely alone. The most common professional would be your insurance broker, second would be your tax preparer.… Read More »

My List of Go To Software for Running a Business

In May of this year (2015) I reached my 10 year anniversary of being in business. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what I’ve changed over the years, what I’ve learned, and what I want the next 10 to look like. On the topic of what I’ve learned, some of the software I… Read More »

Moving Your Company File

There may come a time when you need to move your company file from one computer to another. You’ve bought a new computer, you are having another person look at your file (accountant, independent bookkeeper, etc.), or you have rearranged your office &/or staff and the file now needs to be on someone else’s computer.… Read More »

Wrangle Those Receipts

As business owners we all know that we need to keep our receipts. We need them to prepare financial information, to confirm the information on our bank statements are correct, to track deductible expenses, to keep a basis for depreciable items, to prepare a tax return, and to support the numbers reported on your tax… Read More »

Do I Still Need to Reconcile?

“I download my transactions from the bank, do I still need to reconcile?” That is a question I’m asked fairly regularly. With the popularity of QuickBooks Online growing, with FreshBooks arriving on the scene, and the download capabilities of the banks getting better and better, many small businesses and freelancers don’t enter their transactions in… Read More »

Keyboard Shortcuts for QBO

One of the frustrating things about working with QuickBooks Online if you are already a QuickBooks Desktop user is the feeling that you cannot move around the program as easily and efficiently as you can with QBD. Well QBO has added some keyboard shortcuts to assist with that frustration. Unlike the ones in QBD, these… Read More »