Keyboard Shortcuts for QBO

By Administrator | June 22, 2015

One of the frustrating things about working with QuickBooks Online if you are already a QuickBooks Desktop user is the feeling that you cannot move around the program as easily and efficiently as you can with QBD. Well QBO has added some keyboard shortcuts to assist with that frustration. Unlike the ones in QBD, these take three keys to get where you want to go, instead of the usual two, but it still makes getting from screen A to screen B a little more efficient.

For all the shortcuts you need to press Ctrl + Alt, then the specific key.

From your Home, Customer & Vendor Pages:

Ctrl-Alt-I Invoices
Ctrl-Alt-X Expenses
Ctrl-Alt-A Chart of Accounts
Ctrl-Alt-W Write Checks
Ctrl-Alt-C Customers
Ctrl-Alt-R Receive Payments
Ctrl-Alt-L Lists
Ctrl-Alt-E Estimates
Ctrl-Alt-H Help
Ctrl-Alt-F Search/Find

From Transaction Pages (Checks, Invoices, Expenses, etc.)
Ctrl-Alt-X Exit
Ctrl-Alt-P Print
Ctrl-Alt-C Cancel
Ctrl-Alt-S Save & New
Ctrl-Alt-M Save & Send

Lastly, Ctrl-Alt-/or ? will bring up the full list of these shortcuts for your reference.

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